The best cities to live in Germany

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The complete guide to the “Heart of Europe”

If you are interested in living in Germany, you have probably wondered what daily life is actually like in this renowned European nation. From delicious beer to electronic music to major metropolises like Berlin and Munich, Germany is an irresistible mix of tradition, modernity, and a fascinating ancient history.

Given its central location in Europe and its dynamic job market, it is not surprising that Germany attracts people from all over the world. Renting a room or apartment in Germany will give you the opportunity to meet people from different cultures, making your experience of living in Germany even richer.

Living in Germany also means high living standards: transportation is efficient, cities are clean, and there is a great emphasis on sustainability and ecology. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes, fairy-tale castles, and experience a rich and varied culture.

Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

If you plan to live renting in Germany for an extended period of time, consider renting medium- to long-term housing. This option gives you the flexibility to live in different cities and fully immerse yourself in German culture.

So if you have always dreamed of starting a new adventure abroad, living in Germany might be the perfect choice for you. With an endless variety of rooms and apartments for rent and high-quality living waiting for you, all you have to do is prepare for an unforgettable experience.

But what are the best cities to live in Germany? Here is an overview of the most welcoming and livable cities: discover them together with the Team. Viel Spaß!

Berlin: living in Germany’s capital of freedoms

Berlin, landscape

Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany, is a city that has a lot to offer. If you are considering moving to and living in Germany, Berlin may be the ideal choice for you.

Berlin is a center of diversity and inclusion: on the one hand, it has a rich and complex history, visible in monuments such as the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate. On the other, it is a modern metropolis, always on the cutting edge, with multicultural neighborhoods such as Charlottenburg, Kreuzberg, or Neukölln offering a dynamic artistic and cultural scene.

Learn more about Berlin in our dedicated guide Living in Berlin, the city of free thinkers.

If you are considering living in Berlin, try to learn German: although it is not essential, it can help you in your daily life. Remember that each neighborhood has its own personality; find the one that best suits your needs. Finally, prepare for the weather; bring appropriate clothing for the cold winters.

Pros and cons of living in Berlin

Berlin, Brandenburg Gate


  • Culture and art: Berlin is famous for its art scene, with numerous galleries, museums, and theaters. Berlin is also well known for its Clubs and techno and electronic music;
  • Professional opportunities: the city is a hub for startups and international companies, offering many opportunities in all areas of work;
  • Cost of living: compared to other European capitals, living in Berlin can be relatively cheap.


  • Climate: winters can be cold and gray;
  • Language barrier: although many Berliners speak English, knowing German can be essential for some professions or to fully integrate;
  • Size: Berlin is a huge metropolis, and moving within the city context can be time-consuming and logistical.

Living in Berlin in 2024

Berlin, Tiergarten

In 2023 and 2024, Berlin continues to be a totally cutting-edge city. As the demand for medium- to long-term rentals increases, it is essential to get informed and find the right area to live in.

Neighborhoods like Charlottenburg are ideal for those looking for a mix of traditional and modern: check out the best rental listings in Berlin.

Many of those who have chosen to live in Berlin share positive experiences. The city offers a balance of work and leisure, with green parks, markets, and cultural events throughout the year. However, as in any big city, it is essential to do research and prepare for any challenges.

Berlin’s Wall
Berlin, Bundestag

Munich: living in Germany’s land of castles

Munich, Marienplatz landscape

Munich, is the capital of Bavaria and one of Germany’s most fascinating cities.

Known for its rich history, fine architecture and famous Oktoberfest, Munich offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Munich offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Schwabing, known for its nightlife; Haidhausen, with its cobblestone streets and bohemian atmosphere; and Maxvorstadt, the university district: learn more about Munich in the dedicated guide Living in Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

Bavaria also attracts visitors and residents from all over: the castles, landscapes, cities and welcoming spirit of Bavarian citizens make this “land of castles” a much sought-after place to live in Germany.

Munich: pros and cons

Munich, Englisher Garten


  • Quality of life: Munich boasts one of the best quality of life in Europe. The city is clean, safe and well organized;
  • Job opportunities: being a major economic hub, it offers many opportunities, especially in the technology, engineering and media sectors;
  • Culture and leisure: with its museums, theaters, restaurants, parks and events there is always something to do in Munich.


  • Costs: living in Munich can be expensive, especially in terms of rent. However, salaries tend to be proportional to living costs;
  • Climate: although summers can be pleasant, winters are cold and can last a long time;
  • Bureaucracy: as in many other parts of Germany, bureaucracy can be an obstacle, especially for those from non-EU countries.

Living for rent in Munich

Munich, Marienplatz

If you are considering moving to Munich for a medium to long period, it is essential to start your house search early. Rents can be high, but there are many options that can help you find the right solution for you.

There are great neighbourhoods and areas to live in Munich to suit every need and budget. For example, if you are a student, you might consider moving to neighbourhoods such as Schwabing, Maxvorstadt or Milbertshofen; while, if you are a worker or a family, you might consider Berg am Laim, Riem or Perlach.

Check out our top listings of rooms and apartments for rent in Munich.

Hamburg: living in Germany’s city-state

Hamburg, Rathaus in autumn

Hamburg, often referred to as the “Gateway to the World,” is one of Germany’s most fascinating and vibrant cities. If you are considering living in Germany, Hamburg may be the ideal choice for you. With its unique mix of history, culture and modernity, it offers an unparalleled living experience.

Hamburg is dynamic and powerful and attracts many university students and young workers every year: the second largest city in the German state, it offers a wide range of work and study opportunities.

The city is famous for its port, the largest in the country and the second largest in Europe, making it an important commercial and industrial center: find out more about it in the special guide Hamburg: living in a German “Big Four”.

Living for Rent in Hamburg

Hamburg, Speicherstadt

In general, rental prices in Hamburg vary depending on the area in which the accommodation is located. The central and most sought-after areas of the city are generally more expensive, while outlying areas can be more cost-effective.

For example, a studio apartment for rent in the central St. Pauli district can cost between 700 and 900 euros a month, while a two-room apartment can go for up to 1,200 euros a month. If you are willing to live a little further from the center, you may be able to find more affordable rentals, for example in Wandsbek or Altona.

If you want to go deeper, check out our best listings of houses, rooms and apartments for rent in Hamburg.

The advantages of living in Hamburg

Hamburg, a glimpse

Hamburg is a major economic and business center, with many job opportunities in various sectors, from finance to IT, fashion to design.

Quality of life is high: The city boasts a high quality of life, with excellent health services, top-notch education, and a safe and clean environment.

As for culture and entertainment, whether you are an art lover, a music lover, or a cinephile, Hamburg has something to offer everyone. The city hosts numerous festivals, concerts, exhibitions and events throughout the year.

And despite being a big city, Hamburg offers many parks and green spaces where you can relax and enjoy nature.

Frankfurt: living in Germany’s financial capital

Frankfurt, skyline

Living in Germany is something many people want, and Frankfurt is one of the most sought-after cities. But what does it really mean to live in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is known as the financial center of Germany. With its impressive glass and steel towers, the city is home to many banks, financial institutions, and the German stock exchange. But in addition to its modern, state-of-the-art appearance, Frankfurt has much to offer.

Frankfurt is also home to the Goethe-Universität, one of Germany’s leading universities, as well as the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, institutions of international significance.

Learn more about Frankfurt and its finance in the dedicated guide Moving to Frankfurt: the complete guide.

In general, salaries in Frankfurt are higher than in other German cities, but costs, especially rent, can also be high. However, with good planning it is possible to live comfortably.

Living in Frankfurt: pros and cons

Frankfurt, landscape


  • Professional opportunities: due to its position as a financial hub, there are many job opportunities, especially in banking and business;
  • Transportation: the city boasts an excellent public transportation system, making it easy to get around without a car;
  • Events and culture: Frankfurt hosts museums, theaters, festivals and events throughout the year, ideal for all kinds of entertainment;
  • Education: as mentioned, the city of finance is home to excellent schools and academic institutions.


  • Cost of living: Living in Frankfurt can be expensive, especially when you consider rent. However, with good planning, it is possible to live in Frankfurt while maintaining a good expense/income balance;
  • Climate: Winters can be cold and wet, while summers are generally mild.

Where to live in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Altstadt
Frankfurt, channel

Choosing which neighborhood to live in Frankfurt depends a lot on your personal needs. If you want to be close to the center and enjoy the nightlife, Sachsenhausen or Bornheim might be ideal.

For those looking for a quieter, more residential area, Nordend or Westend are good options.

Take a look at the best rental housing listings in Frankfurt, compare rates and consider the best area for you to live in Frankfurt.

Düsseldorf: living in Germany in the Pearl of the Rhine

Düsseldorf, skyline

When it comes to living in Germany, one city stands out in particular: Düsseldorf. This metropolis, located on the banks of the Rhine River, is a real gem, combining tradition and modernity in a fascinating mix.

Düsseldorf is not only the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, but also an important economic, cultural, and artistic center. The city is famous for its futuristic architecture, tree-lined streets, and world-class art museums.

Germany is known for its high quality of life, and Düsseldorf is no exception. The city boasts an efficient public transportation system, green parks, and a wide variety of recreational and cultural activities.

Those who choose to live in Düsseldorf can expect a balance between work and leisure, with many opportunities to enjoy life outside the office: find out in the dedicated guide Living in Düsseldorf: The Complete Guide.

In addition, living in Germany offers many advantages, such as a high-quality health care system, excellent education and a strong economy. Germany is also one of the safest countries in Europe, and Düsseldorf, with its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, is an ideal place to move to.

Living in Düsseldorf: pros and cons

Düsseldorf, Rheinkniebrücke


  • Professional opportunities: Düsseldorf is an economic hub, hosting many multinational companies and offering job opportunities in a variety of fields, from commerce to the arts;
  • Culture and art: the city is famous for its arts scene, with museums, galleries and theaters offering a wide range of events;
  • Transportation: the public transportation system in Düsseldorf is efficient and well-organized, making it easy to get around the city and surrounding areas;
  • Education: Düsseldorf offers excellent educational institutions, both for residents and expats.


  • Cost of living: like many large cities, Düsseldorf can be expensive, especially when it comes to medium- to long-term rentals;
  • Climate: the climate can be quite variable, with cold winters and wet summers;
  • Language barrier: although many speak English, knowing German can be essential to fully integrate.

Düsseldorf in 2024: an overview

Düsseldorf, Gehry-Bauten, Neuer Zollhof

Düsseldorf is known to be one of Germany’s most cosmopolitan cities. With a population of more than 600.000, it is the economic and cultural heart of the North Rhine-Westphalia region.

The city boasts impressive architecture, with modern skyscrapers rising alongside historic buildings, reflecting its rich and diverse heritage.

Living in Düsseldorf means immersing yourself in a cosmopolitan environment, where ancient traditions blend with a contemporary lifestyle. The city offers a wide range of housing, from modern apartments in the city center to traditional houses in residential neighborhoods.

For those looking for medium- to long-term rentals in the German city, Spacest offers solutions for every need and budget: take a look at our best apartment rental listings in Düsseldorf.

Stuttgart: living in Germany in the heart of the German automotive industry

Stuttgart, skyline

Stuttgart, located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, is a city that has much to offer those who decide to settle down to live in Germany. Known for its rich history, culture and strategic location, Stuttgart has become a favorite destination for those looking for a new home in Germany.

But like any city, Stuttgart has its pros and cons.

Pros and cons of living in Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Stadtbibliothek


  • Job Opportunities: Stuttgart is the heart of the German automotive industry, home to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. This means there are many job opportunities, particularly for those with skills in engineering and design;
  • Culture and history: the city boasts many museums, theaters and art galleries. The Stuttgart Ballet and the Stuttgart Opera are internationally renowned;
  • Location: located in southern Germany, Stuttgart is well connected to other major cities, making it ideal for travel and relocation;
  • Quality of life: the city offers a high standard of living, with efficient public services, green parks and excellent air quality.


  • Cost of living: the city, being an industrial and cultural hub, has a relatively high cost of living, particularly for rent;
  • Climate: the climate can be quite variable, with cold winters and hot summers;
  • Comparison with other cities: while cities such as Düsseldorf or Munich might offer a more cosmopolitan urban experience, Stuttgart has a more relaxed and traditional atmosphere.

Living in Stuttgart

Stuttgart, mitte

Living in Stuttgart offers a unique mix of professional opportunities, culture, and quality of life. However, like any decision, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons.

If you are considering a medium- to long-term move to Germany and are looking for a place that offers a combination of tradition and modernity, Stuttgart may be the right choice for you.

And if you’re looking for a home, don’t forget to explore the mid- to long-term rental options available in the city-discover them in our best rental listings in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart, Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Stuttgart-West

Germany’s hidden gems

Germany, Schliersee, Bavaria

These are just a few of the major cities to live in Germany, cities that offer more amenities, professional and study opportunities. But it is not only the big cities that are chosen to live in Germany among its history and beauty.

Here for you are some “hidden gems,” cities that are less popular but of equal beauty and opportunity for those who prefer more livable, human-scale places away from the hustle and bustle of big cities:


Cologne, Hohenzollernbrücke

Living in Cologne represents an optimal experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in German culture. This fascinating city, located in the heart of Germany, offers the perfect mix of history, culture, and modernity.

When people talk about living in Germany, they often think of large metropolises like Berlin or Munich, but Cologne also has much to offer. With its majestic cathedral, picturesque neighborhoods along the Rhine River, and a rich cultural background, living in Cologne is ideal for those seeking a balance between urban life and tranquility.

In addition, for those interested in medium- to long-term rentals, the city offers various housing solutions, suitable for singles, couples or families.  In summary, living in Cologne is an opportunity not to be missed for those who want to experience the best of living in Germany: discover the best rental listings in Cologne.


Nuremberg, landscape

LIving in Nuremberg you will taste authenticity in the heart of Germany. The city, rich in history and culture, is a perfect blend of ancient and modern, with its majestic castles and cobblestone streets intertwined with contemporary architecture and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Nuremberg offers countless opportunities for both job seekers and those wishing to study. In addition, for those looking for medium- to long-term rentals, the city offers quality housing solutions in safe and well-connected neighborhoods. 

Living in Nuremberg is therefore the ideal option for those who want to combine comfort, culture and opportunity in one of Germany’s most fascinating cities: discover the best rental listings in Nuremberg.

Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg im Breisgau

Located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg and on the border with the Black Forest, Freiburg offers the perfect mix of history, culture, and modernity.

Living in Freiburg im Breisgau means immersing yourself in a traditional yet cosmopolitan environment, surrounded by medieval architecture, green parks, and a vibrant cultural scene. 

Germany is known for its efficiency and quality of life, and Freiburg is no exception. With a wide range of apartments and housing solutions suitable for medium- to long-term stays, moving here is an option increasingly considered by those who want to live in Germany and enjoy all that this fascinating city has to offer.

If you are thinking of renting accommodation in the area, Freiburg im Breisgau might be the right choice for you: take a look at the best rental listings in Freiburg.



Essen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, is a true crossroads of history, culture and innovation, making it one of the most attractive destinations for those who decide to live in Germany.

Essen is known for its industrial heritage, having been one of the key cities during Germany’s Industrial Revolution.

Today, it has transformed into a modern and vibrant center with a wide range of cultural offerings from contemporary art museums and theaters to music events and festivals: check out the best rental listings in Essen.

The city is surrounded by green areas and parks, thus offering its residents the chance to enjoy nature without having to give up the advantages of urban life. In addition, the presence of top schools and universities contributes to a stimulating and international environment, attracting students and professionals from all over the world.


Aachen cathedral

Aachen with its cobblestone streets and impressive monuments, famous for being the seat of Charlemagne’s court, offers a perfect mix of tradition and modernity.

To live in Aachen is to immerse yourself in a rich and vibrant culture where innovation and history coexist in perfect harmony. Germany, with its top-notch education system, job opportunities and quality of life, is an ideal destination for those seeking medium- to long-term rentals.

And Aachen, with its strategic location on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands and its welcoming community, is the perfect choice for those who want to savor the authentic essence of living in Germany.

If you’re thinking of relocating, consider Aachen: take a look at the best rental accommodations in Aachen.


Bremen, old town

Living in Bremen is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the quality of life in Germany. Bremen, with its historic charm and vibrant cultural scene, offers a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Many people wonder how much it costs to live in Bremen, and the answer varies according to lifestyle and individual needs. However, in general, living in Germany, and Bremen in particular, can offer excellent value for money, especially when considering the amenities, efficiency, and opportunities available.

For those looking for medium- to long-term rentals, Bremen offers a variety of options, from historic neighborhoods to modern apartment complexes: check out our best rental listings in Bremen.

All in all, living in Bremen is an experience that combines the best of German culture with a welcoming and vibrant environment, ideal for those looking to settle in the heart of Europe.

Bottom line: is living in Germany a good choice?

To live in Germany you can find a rental solution that meets all your needs; although it can be difficult to adapt to living in a new country and in a new environment, finding rental accommodation in Germany is very easy thanks to the solutions available on our site. A new experience is waiting for you and we are here to make it as easy as possible with our solutions and technology.

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