The best Coworking spaces in Milan

The Spacest’s comprehensive guide

Milan, the capital of fashion and design, is a city that never ceases to surprise. Known for its cultural effervescence and for being the beating heart of Italy’s economy, Milan offers countless opportunities, both for those wishing to pursue a professional career and for those seeking inspiration and creativity.

But what does it really mean to live in Milan?: find out in our dedicated guide Living in Milan: the ultimate guide.

The Milanese lifestyle

Milan, landscape

Living in Milan means immersing yourself in a dynamic and cosmopolitan setting. The city, with its skyscrapers, historic buildings and modern, efficient transportation system, is a perfect mix of the traditional and the avant-garde. The most European city in Italy in short.

And for those moving to Milan for work or study, finding the right balance between professional commitments and free time can be a challenge. That’s why coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular.

Coworking spaces in 2023: a Hub for the new generation

Over the past few years, the concept of work and coworking space has undergone profound transformations.

While the office was once seen as a static and formal place, with the advent of digitization and the evolution of professions, the need for spaces that are more flexible and adaptable to workers’ needs has emerged.

Here’s where coworking space comes in, particularly popular with young people in 2023.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a shared workspace where professionals from different fields can rent workstations or offices for short or long periods.

These spaces offer all the amenities of a traditional office – such as internet connection, meeting rooms, printing services – but with a plus: the opportunity to work in a dynamic and stimulating environment, surrounded by people with different skills and backgrounds.

The benefits of Coworking

For the youth of 2023, coworking space represents more than just a place to work. It is a hub of connections, ideas and innovation:

  • Networking and collaboration: in an age when the web and connectivity play a key role, coworking spaces allow young people to expand their professional network, collaborate on interdisciplinary projects, and exchange skills and knowledge;
  • Flexibility: the generations of 2023 prefer freelance jobs, start-ups or term projects. Coworking spaces, with their flexible rental formulas, perfectly meet these needs, allowing them to have an office without the constraints of a long-term contract;
  • Environment: a coworking environment is often characterized by a modern and welcoming design, with relaxation areas, green spaces, and areas dedicated to training and events. This creates an ideal environment for creativity and inspiration;
  • Sustainability and values: many coworking spaces in 2023 emphasize sustainable practices, offering, for example, recycled or eco-friendly furniture, solar panels, and initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint. This reflects the values of an increasingly environmentally conscious generation.

Coworking spaces in Milan: a smart solution

In this context, coworking spaces in Milan offer a flexible and professional solution for those looking for a place to work, but also for those who want to share ideas and projects with other professionals.

In fact, these spaces are not just offices: they are real hubs of creativity, where it is possible to meet people with similar interests and create synergies.

What are the best coworking spaces in Milan?

The Team has selected for you the best coworking spaces in Milan in 2023. We hope you find this guide helpful in finding the best coworking space for your needs!

  • Santeria: in the Città Studi area, this space is not only coworking, but also a bar/cafe, with an outdoor courtyard and various events, including concerts. It is located at 8 Ettore Paladini Private Street;
  • Upcycle:bar/cafe with coworking in a space reminiscent of the bicycle world. The interior is industrial design, machine shop style, super-fast connection and largely organic menu. It is located at 59 Andrea Maria Ampere Street in the Città studi neighborhood;
  • oTTo: at 10 Via Paolo Sarpi, in the Chinatown district, is a fusion of coworking and cafeteria: a minimal, Nordic-style environment, with tables also outside, it offers, for a small fee, the possibility to “cowork” during office hours: water included, as usual.
  • Copernico: in Milano Centrale area, elegant and with soundproof areas to make calls, offers solutions where you can pay by renting space daily or monthly, and coffee is included in the price. It is located at 38 Copernico Street;
  • QF Coworking & Micro Nido: innovative coworking space at 11 Via Procaccini, in the Bullona neighborhood where, along with the work space, there is a nursery area, dedicated to the little ones;
  • Talent Garden: a beautiful coworking space in Piazza Città di Lombardia, has another location just outside Porta Romana station. Its motto is “tag.”

These are just a few of the best coworking spaces in Milan. Discover others, there are truly many, such as:

  • A&B Duomo;
  • ConLab – Coworking Space;
  • COWO Milan Duomo;
  • Regus Milano Brera;
  • Regus Milano Cadorna;
  • Regus Milan Cairoli;
  • Regus Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele;
  • Signature Regus Milan Duomo;
  • SPACES Milan San Babila;
  • SPACES Milan Vetra.

Living in Milan

Like any big city, living in Milan has its pros and cons. The advantages certainly include the vast cultural offerings, professional opportunities, and the presence of state-of-the-art services and infrastructure. On the other hand, Milanese life can be hectic and the cost of living, in some areas, very high.

However, for those who decide to rent on a medium- to long-term basis, there are solutions to suit all needs and budgets. And with the right organization and a pinch of spirit of adaptation, living in Milan can become a fascinating experience: take a look at our best rental listings in Milan’s City Life area.

Milan, with its hectic pace and countless opportunities, is a popular destination for many professionals and creative people.

Coworking spaces, in this context, offer a practical and functional solution for those who want to work in a stimulating and professional environment. And for those who decide to move to the city, Milan promises adventures, discoveries and, why not, even new friendships.