Rebranding: from Roomless to

Roomless renews its identity, driven by the desire to further grow, reflecting its young and youthful soul.

The brand evolves to reflect the growth and commitment to offering a broader and more diversified range of housing solutions. This is SPACEST.COM: propensity toward the future and prospects for expansion are the new faces of a company that has dreamed big since its inception. originates from its attention to the requirements of its clients and its ambition to surpass the conventional constraints of the housing market.

Beyond rooms, now offers a wide and carefully selected range of apartments and houses, intended not just as living quarters but as a space to grow, study and create memories.

With, the living experience is enriched with new possibilities. Each property is selected to ensure comfort, safety and style, meeting the different needs of modern life.

Whether you are a student, professional, or family, is your gateway to a home that speaks the language of comfort and well-being. The company’s mission is clear: to offer spaces that are more than just places of transit, but true ecosystems for living. opens the doors to a new era of renting, where every home is a promise of new stories, encounters, and discoveries.

About us, our story

Roomless, founded in Lucca in 2019 by Riccardo Matteoni, Andrea Primaverili, Francesco Martini, and Andrea Degli Innocenti, transpires as an innovative “digital platform” operating in the real estate rental sector, known for its stability and complexity.

The inspiration for the platform, originated from the intention to simplify the search for accommodation for young professionals and students. Since then, it has evolved to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to offer a safe, efficient and agile booking service.

The team, consisting of around thirty people with diverse and convergent skills, places particular emphasis on capturing and adhering to the distinctiveness of individuals to align them with the company’s objectives.

Our growth

Always putting people at the center of the service, has aimed to expand its scope not only in Italy but also in major European, as well as, non-European cities.

Originally expected to expand solely into Germany within a year and Spain within three, the company has surpassed its expectations. Swiftly, it has broadened its reach to include France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland. Recently, it has ventured into markets far beyond Europe, such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

The expansion of the business highlights the platform’s potential while underscoring the effectiveness of its problem-solving approach. As the market evolves, so does the company. It is exactly this evolving ecosystem that has brought into being.

The Spacest service specializes in medium-long-term rentals for students and professionals, ensuring a completely digitalized search and rental experience. The company guarantees the accuracy of photos and the credibility of information, enabling secure online bookings.

From the initial booking request to the confirmation of the property and check-in, the process is designed to be effortless and transparent. Additionally, the platform provides the option to visually explore rooms through high-resolution photos and advanced 3D virtual tours, utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Our innovation: the guaranteed rent gives private property owners the opportunity to reduce the financial burden of agency fees. It offers countless benefits, such as, reducing the time to find the right tenants and guaranteeing their reliability. A great novelty that has developed over the last year is Guaranteed Rent.

Guaranteed Rent (discover the complete guide) is a service dedicated to all private property owners who intend to rent out their property for residential use. It is exclusively offered on and is available to all who inquire about it.

During the period of exclusivity, serves as the mere party promoting, advertising, and renting the property. Discover a complete guide to the packages on the support page.

Guaranteed Rent offers a series of advantages aimed at providing property owners with reassurance in rent collection and careful tenant selection. Through this service, owners can benefit from a solution that not only protects them against defaults but also takes care of tenant acquisition and selection.

The management of ads and bookings is carried out completely online, offering convenience and efficiency. Moreover, protection against any last-minute cancellations is provided, ensuring even greater security. The service also includes the drafting and registration of the contract, ensuring that all legal aspects are professionally handled.

Lastly, the service of price consultation is offered, enabling owners to competitively position their property on the market.

Solutions for Property Manager offers Property Managers a personalized service, designed to digitalize the entire leasing management process without requiring additional efforts.

The service includes systematic integration, enabling the automatic import of listings, and ensuring the alignment of prices and availabilities. Furthermore, a sophisticated calendar effectively manages rental requests, integrating short- and medium-term logics.

Check-in and check-out procedures are integrated considering the property manager’s contractual rules, offering a smooth and effective experience. also implements flexible pricing, adjusting it for events, high seasons, and special occasions to maximize revenue. Bureaucracy becomes digital, with the automatic request for documentation, digitalization of contracts, signatures, and tax registrations.

Finally, the system allows for the creation of a diversified real estate portfolio, with short- and medium-term leases, aiming to optimize occupancy, increase revenue, and improve profitability on each lease.

Where to find us?

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Reach out to us directly to schedule a consultation with our team of agents, who can provide you with plenty of helpful tips to assist you in this important life choice.

We are space travelers, exploring places and cities, discovering ourselves amidst the beauty of the world and its people, while embracing opportunities without allowing fear of the unknown to hold us back.

Welcome to the future of living.